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Woody Woodger: “Puberty 2”


Assiduously, shimmeringly crafted, as if sprung from the bedazzled forehead of the queerest Zeus, these hypnotic, kinetic, and assured poems will duck walk into the deathdrop of your heart. Beat by beat, Woody Woodger is carving an entirely new aesthetic in transpoetics, with sublime celerity, lexical reinvention, pop culture ekphrasis, and the vital language of millennial ontology. Lyrically rich, wincingly alive, this book is “chewing another multiverse.” Every page offers a glorious new way of seeing—of being. Woodger’s energized verse is a gifted sunstorm of “he/she/they/ royal we, of it all. It’s / Sideways rain.”

—Margot Douaihy, author of Scranton Lace

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