owner/poetry editor, john compton

john compton (b. 1987) is a gay poet who lives in kentucky. his poetry resides in his chest like many hearts & they bloom like vigorously infectious wild flowers. he lives in a tiny town, with his husband josh and their 8 dogs and 2 cats. he feels his head is an auditorium filled with the dead poets from the past. poems are written and edited constantly. his poetry is a personal journey. he reaches for things close and far, trying to give them life: growing up gay; having mental health issues; a journey into his childhood; the world that surrounds us. he writes to be alive, to learn and to grow. he loves imagery, metaphor, simile, abstract language, sounds, when one word can drift you into another direction. he loves playing with vocabulary, creating texture and emotions. he has published 1 book, which is being re-released and 6 chapbooks published and forthcoming: trainride elsewhere (august 2016) from Pressed Wafer; that moan like a saxophone (december 2016) from kindle; ampersand (march 2019) from Plan B Press; a child growing wild inside the mothering womb (june 2020) from ghost city press; i saw god cooking children / paint their bones (oct 2020) from blood pudding press; burning his matchstick fingers his hair went up like a wick (march 2021) from black heart press; to wash all the pretty things off my skin (end of 2021) from ethel zine & micro-press. he has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies such as: concrete mist anthology, Ethal Zine 6 &7, January review, Feral: Journal of Poetry and Art, Redshift 4,1870, Transcend – A Literary Magazine, Ode to Queer, Big City Lights, First Literary Review-East, Transcendent Zero Press, Cultural Weekly, Madswirl, FEARLESS, Ghost City Press, Capsule Stories.

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