James C Allen

James C. Allen

is a poet, author, and editor living in Albany, GA. His life and works are dedicated toward bringing about full equality To members of the LGBTQ community and for the purpose of reducing the attempted and completed suicide rate among LGBT adolescents.

In Love With A Shattered Heart

My affections tattered and splayed
on a bronze memorial plaque
were all I had to hold,
there was no tape of his voice
nor photograph that wasn’t
decades old.

The grief counselor,
I bamboozled
into believing I could mourn
without showing emotion,
so much easier for him
to not have to feel someone
else’s pain,
afraid it would settle
in his core in some obscure wrinkle
he would have to own.

Some tell you to remember
those happy times,
makes suffering worse
by comparison,
is that not how we learn
most efficiently,
by incorporating opposites?

When one step away
from making a deal with death
that no one who truly understands
will blame you for,
solutions most needed

sometimes appear.

Awaken to a belief
and know what to do,
because to not do so
signals the final out
against life.

On the chin,
like a wounded  prize
who knows that
God awful pain of loving
too much,
is one hell
superior to not
loving anymore
at all.

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