haleemah abdul-hadi

Abdul Hadi Haleemah

is a Nigerian Writer and a lover of art. She is studying Pasture Agronomy in Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. She finds solitude appealing and write on diverse themes. Her works have been published on blogs and magazines like; Zenpens, Academy Heart of Mind, MuslimWrites, Rasa Literary Review, PraxisMag, Sub-Saharan Mag, WritenowLit, OddMag etc and journal/anthologies such as The Quills, 60 seconds silence, The Shallow Review Tales,  Best of Africa and A Virus Pursed the World. Also forthcoming on online magazines such as;  DreichMag, Artmosterrific and others. She emerged the second runner up at Ramadan Tercet Contest(2020) and she was shortlisted for the PoesyWriter contest (2019). You can reach her out on Instagram @abdulhadihaleemah.


where “NO”
means “I want more”
and smile is green light.

A world where everything is paradox-
An illusion is reality and truth is conspiracy.
A world where fate is decided before birth
and justice is seats of lies-
To wear your true colour is a crime.

A world where discrimination, racism
and hatred rule our lives
while we hide from the image in the mirror

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