Bernadette Martonik

Bernadette Martonik
lives in Seattle, Washington. Her work can be found in Pithead ChapelThe Manifest-StationThe Extraordinary ProjectTypishly, and Stone Pacific Zine. She can also be found on Twitter and Instagram @Bernadettemarto

In a Little, Yellow House

Someday, in a little, yellow house
with a small yard bordered by thick
foliage with patches of light breaking through,
and an affordable, yet charming, wooden chaise,
I sit, in my mind’s eye,
my body, in this small, dimly lit

I read somewhere recently about how
we are biologically programmed to want
a bigger house – to compete with our neighbor
for the next best thing –
but that whatever we obtain, we will always
want more.
There is never enough.

When I was an au-pair in Paris,
a young 24,
I had a tiny room – old servant’s quarters –
and everyone lived in apartments. I thought,
of course!
I need not much space
to be happy.
I thrilled daily at my surroundings.
Would that thrill have worn off,
had I stayed?

Isn’t it? Is it?
All about –
the thrill?
Never enough?

Enough, enough,
Enough of never, Enough

My yellow house,
tucked softly here,
inside my mind

I expand my mind
out, out,
contain all the stars,
Maybe I will reach
my heart.

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