Morgan Guyton


I put on my wife’s makeup
Just for a little while;
My sons wouldn’t understand
That I like being a girl just sometimes.

Or is that even what this is called?
I thought it was a phase;
I thought every man just wanted
To be a lesbian because then

It would be all hotness without
The inconvenience of the brat
Who always has to be stroked;
I thought I just wanted to be

David Bowie and that was
Why I gave myself a Freddie
Mercury moustache and toured
With punk bands at dingy

Bars throughout the South;
I thought that was just
My twenties; in my thirties
I will be a manly man with

A baritone voice that makes
My sons jump when I call;
I thought this is for real queers;
I’m just an ally; I should be quiet;

I’m just trying to find an excuse
To be loud and take up space
And get an angle for the viral
Tweet I will finally achieve.

But today I discovered
Making art with your face
Is delightful; I messed up;
I used water to clean it off

Which is probably wrong;
It doesn’t matter because
I love looking at myself
Wearing lipstick, even if it

Feels odd and I’ll rub it off
In a few minutes, I like
Being a man who likes
Being a girl just sometimes.

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