Charlotte Zang

Charlotte Zang
resides on the Eastern Shore of  Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay. Her work has appeared in Mused Literary Review (Spring 2012 and Fall 2012) and her short story, “The Healing Properties of Tea” is included in the Bay to Ocean 2020 Anthology. She published a chapbook titled Night Travels on Amazon. Charlotte is a business marketing and content copywriter as well as a coach for first-time authors.

Wisdom Waits

Wisdom waits quietly
like a soft black mother cat at
the kitchen door
tail twitching, studying
purple finches at the feeder

Wisdom waits patiently
while twenty somethings experiment
mixing chemicals with ideas
staggering, wobbling like
toddlers toward a teddy bear

Wisdom waits solemnly
certain that the wrenching ache
can’t form substance from a breath
or produce your brilliant smile
to color the beige blandness of today

Wisdom emerges in a woman’s eyes
after she’s scraped the last dime from her wallet,
buried a deadly marriage and survived.
Quietly, patiently, solemnly
she knows. She waits.

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