ARIYO AHMAD is a Nigerian poet who blends his thought into paper with his ever flowing pen, whose inspiration is tapped from his beloved mother, and his late father who has sojourn to the land of immortal, he graciously has his poem published in mixed magazine, madness muse, tea-light press, and forthcoming in words and whisper, nymphs’ magazine to mention but few, when he is not writing, he finds himself relinquishing on Khalil Gibran poems.


The fact still remains doted on the mountain hearts
Of ours like a steam stain on white fabrics – no one is saint
The ones known for that have become sand – and their memory gone like hiccups

Haven’t I seen a mother of virtue who sip tears; her morning chocolate tea

  • After her son was carried away by the whirlwind of life.
  • Either dead or missing – CCTV footage destroyed

It’s wrong that men have no emotion – father lost his as a teenager
Misery is the international ship that carries her wife and daughter
Across the ocean of doom.

What do I know about losing someone?
But I can’t hide my voice under armpit when I lost my father to the land
It opened like man’s mouth swallowing drug, where do tears comes from?

Eyes is the atom of cloud – during childhood – I thought the cloud is human
It cries mostly when I cried
Times I am happy, it is dried.

4 thoughts on “ARIYO AHMAD

  1. Hmmm…
    I love this poem as My favorite poet express his deepest feelings for his parents poetically.

    More wisdom sir.

    Abdulkareem kehinde alfedegbowwy


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