Hu Yucong

Blue Is the Color of Your Eyes

Until now can I stare at them:
The embarrassing and hypnotizing horror
So-called male indigo,
barges in so-called female pink
Ambiguously vaporized , diffused and gathered
And stained each other.

What if I brought a rose , singing at a funeral
What if I wore my hairs long to against all the moral rules
What if I let you naked painted blue , falling at the pink ocean
If I were Goliath , then where to find sheep and skull

Earth bumped up boobs-like peaks,
what kind of children he’s gonna feed.
Milk dropping from the sky and cracks were spilt like the sea
Brushwork covers up the passion and heat
Shameless pilgrim. Son of bitch

Paper rifts can never be recovered
Exactly why it is better than Internet
Un-regretfulness withered to beauty
If trails were destined to be erased,
rip it to make it complete
To make it an immortality.

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